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Does your client deserve you

If you are asking this question, then the answer is "no". Your ask why? I will tell you.

You are never in the position to ask this question and if you do, you are not worthy for any client because you are too arrogant. Simple isn't it. I'm inspired to write this through Seth Godin, the word "deserving" is really huge and in today's business world I would never use this word. The only phrase, and it is a phrase, I would say is ok with this word is "Everyone gets the client he deserves." There is much truth in this saying and you should be aware of it from time to time.

If you are complaining about your clients think what you did to get them - did they come to you or did you run after them. Don't complain that a client is lousy if you run after him to get the job. There was a reason why you run after the job - it doesnt matter if you wanted it for the money of the fame, no that you've got it be happy with it and live with the consequences.
If the clients came to you with the job then you had a chance to say no. I must admit that sometimes you can't work together with some clients and that you have to quit the relationship. But don't complain during a project, make a mental note to quit after the job is done and go ahead. It's always better to finish a job without the "hate" always in mind.

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