A bridge in the sky — Frank derFrankie Neulichedl

A bridge in the sky

The restoration of a venetian palazzo transformed one of the most known bridges in the world.

The "ponte dei sospiri" (bridge of sighs) is well know in the world. It is located next to Piazza San Marco in Venice (the real one in Italy). The palazzo ducale is covered for a large part as you can see in the image below. While other palazzos have been covered only with advertising in a not creative way, the back part of this palace is different.

The use of the clouds let this bridge float and catch much more attention. The advertising on top of it is still not a "good" one, but it catches much more eyes then it would without the creative intervention.

This proves in my eyes once more than a little bit of creativity improves much the end result. You don't have to reach for the outer limits of creativity to have success - even the small steps beside the path are new and imaginative to the general public.