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Moving and viewing

I can now officially say that I'm moving to Canada. My first stop will be Vancouver. Everybody who I talk to tells me that it is the most beautiful city in the world - let's see. I think from what I've seen it will not be a disappointment. The plain leaves on 22th of November and from then on I will be ready take on jobs. So if you need an experienced art director/graphic designer let me know. In the meantime I will update the portfolio section with many more examples - I noticed going through my archives that I want to show much more.

And one of the things I want to share as well are my photographs. I'm in no way a professional photographer, but I like capturing the moment and since I also love to retouch photos why not shoot the Raw-Material myself. I share my photography on Flickr and I have integrated the Flickr Slideshow as a background to this site in the section Photography and this page as well. And as a final note - this page also exists in the mobile version of this site - neat.

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As a Canadian art director, welcome to Canada! I hope you like it here :) I haven't visited Vancouver in a long time (I live in Toronto), but everything I've heard about the city since has been nothing but positive. Looking forward to more posts from this side of the pond :)

(and my RSS reader just updated this morning...which is why I'm replying to this post a month later...)

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Thank you for your welcome :D I'm sure I will have a great time - and now with the new site rocking both my portfolio and the blog more updates (and on a more regular schedule) will come. BTW Nice portfolio - I specially liked the food photography of the catering firm.

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