How To use one Lightroom Catalog and Photo Library on multiple computers

Do you have your Lightroom Catalog and/or your photo collection on external hard-drives? Do you connect those hard-drives to different computers? Do you sync your collection between computers with differing drive letters/paths.

You probably don't because you where annoyed to use the "Find missing Folder"  option every time you do.

There is a easy solution (at least if you are on Windows). You can use SUBST to create a virtual drive letter and point that to the Folder where your photos are. The path can be different on every computer you want to use, just make sure that you select a drive letter that is available on all of them.

In my case it looks like this:

Computer 1: Q: >>>> F:\10 Fotos
Computer 2: Q: >>>> H:\10 Fotos

The only problem with subst is, that it isn't persistent - meaning, you lose it when you reboot. To make it persistent I use the little tool called PSUBST, which is a command line tool to create persistant subst.

You can download it here:

The commands look like this

Computer 1
psubst q: "F:\10 Fotos"

Computer 2
psubst q: "H:\10 Fotos"

You can now import, edit, tag all your files and you don't need to ever worry again to find your folders.