My Week on Twitter for 2009-03-08 — Frank derFrankie Neulichedl

My Week on Twitter for 2009-03-08

  • Slow sunday - no motivation for pimping my personal sites - so let's get started with the ps3 #
  • Monday regular work is over - now writing a new lesson for my "become an art director" blog #
  • New on Become an Art Director: What Digital Asset Management is for you? #DAM #
  • Finally getting to some point on my redesign of my german blog #
  • RT @parkhere: "Creative people don’t have a choice...learn everything there is about digital or become a dinosaur" // #
  • RT @mayhemstudios: 10 Tips for Moving from Part-Time to Full-Time Freelancing #
  • This is italy - Start a print mag about typography and do combine bad lettering and pdf's with missing fonts LOL #
  • It's march or november? Looking out of the window I can't tell :( #
  • BAck from office and right into some more design #
  • Great Design Portfolio - lol - #portfolio #
  • Netdiver - great inspirational site - #
  • After getting mad at CSS and not working widgets I go to the gym to work the f*** off - have a nice evening #
  • Had a nice Ricotta/Goat cheese Pizza - Yummy weekend #
  • Nine Inch Nails (mfb) in the new trailer for Terminator 4 - NIN seems cool for trailers :-) #