Getty Images stops Rightsready Licensing

I've recived an email from Getty Images telling me, that they will stop selling Images under the "Rights-Ready License". If you never heard of this license don't bother - though it was intresting. It was a mix of Roalty Free and Rights Managed Images. In short. You bought the rights for an image based on its use (like RM), but you can reuse it for that use as long as you wanted (like RF). Getty describes it like this:

Rights-ready (RR) Rights-ready products may be used for the particular use and the project and end client specified at the time of licensing. When you order a rights-ready product, you will be asked to submit information that specifies how you intend to use the product, and the project and end client for whom it will be used. Pricing of rights-ready products is based solely on the use of the product that you select. You don't have to pay any additional royalties if you reuse rights-ready products for the same use for the same project and end client specified at the time of licensing.

It was paired with combo uses like Print+Web and the prices where affordable. The image quality was somewhat better then standard RF, but not as good as standing out RM-photography. All in all not a bad deal. But it seams the model didn't work out.

They announced that some features of the RR-Licensing will be transfered to the Rights Managed Licensing - let's see, I will keep you updated.