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Crystal Ball Gadget Nightmare

Getty Images, the big stock photo merchant (as I call them) still wants to be "fun and creative". This time they have send me the best wishes for the year 2009 with a gadget. A gadget, or should I better say a nightmare I remember from my childhood.

Crystal Ball is an italian invention from the 80s - every child wanted it because it looked so fun in the TV Spots and it was expensive. Well, the real nightmare was, that it stinks like hell, as it is everliquid plastic, you can never get the results shown on TV and its nowadays not a retrochic thing, but a real chemical dinosaur from the 80s. I was shocked to find out that you can still buy this unhealthy crap - and even worse, they state that its safe for children.

What do you think of a company that send you a toy from the 80s as a gagdet - a toy which has not innovated since and doesn't apply modern nature-aware standards? The mailing states "to remain elastic the whole 2009" - they should have better be elastic themself extending the research to the response of the clients of this product in the 80s. So always research if the gagdet from the "past" still fits modern lifestyle and if you don't bring up bad old memories.

First put the plastic on the tube

Holding upside down blow gently until you have a headache

You will never get a round ball

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