Will we use 3D for interaction on our websites? — Frank derFrankie Neulichedl

Will we use 3D for interaction on our websites?

I like technology demos - I like this one very much, especially the Michael Bay Clouds. But I try also to figure out if there is some immediate use for "normal" web interfaces, not just games. While I can see that cool animations would make a website more desirable, it would also make it slower to use - and if overdone maybe gimmicky.

Not to mention the whole mobile aspect ... yeah I know progressive enhancement - but should I recommend one of my clients to have a website using this technologies? Probably not.

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CSS3D Clouds An experiment on creating volumetric 3d-like clouds with CSS3 3D Transforms and a bit of Javascript. Move the mouse to rotate around and mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Hit space to generate a new clo...

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