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The Pixelapse Blog • Pixelapse + Dropbox

The race to provide the best features has begun ... after Photo upload (now matched by other sync services) Dropbox is reaching again towards the creative users by buying the collaboration platform Pixelapse. I've tried it, and found it interesting but not ready for my workflow. Design review is hard - but if you can do it with a tool you already use it might get a better adoption than other tools.

It will up the "stickiness" of the dropbox service for sure - I am phasing dropbox out right now, but maybe it will be more attractive in one year time.

Pixelapse + Dropbox
Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re joining Dropbox!

We started Pixelapse with the mission of building the definitive version control and collaboration platform for creatives. Since then, we’ve been fortunate to become a part of the daily workflow of tens of thousands of freelance designers and creative teams. The prospect of developing products at Dropbox that expand this vision to millions of users is tremendously exciting.

Our new ...

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