Landing page teardown: Serial podcast | by @mijustin — Frank derFrankie Neulichedl

Landing page teardown: Serial podcast | by @mijustin

Some designers think that they are better story tellers than their clients - and mostly it's true. Most designers clients are not story tellers and don't know how to tell the story of their product or their brand. But people who tell stories for a living know what they are doing.

This teardown transforms a very clear messaging to a average plea for donations you can see on every non-profit on the net, on tv on the radio. We are inoculated against the whole "messaging centered around the consumer".

The messaging of serial is very clear and straight forward - no testimonial or cheesy pictures or background. If you are intrigued by the headline you read what motivated them - and then decide if it's worth your time and money. It's not about making listeners aware that there might be no more episodes - they know that because the same plea has been made in the show.

The designer would have known that and made other assumptions if he was a listener to the show. So please - the next time you redesign something into mediocrity - at least do better research.

Landing page teardown: Serial podcast
I haven't listened to the new Serial podcast yet. But I am interested in landing pages, and their current splash page caught my attention: The producers of Serial have made a classic copywriting mi...

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