Bigger Text is better - for legibility — Frank derFrankie Neulichedl

Bigger Text is better - for legibility


Very good article that explains why larger text sizes on the web is better for both users and content providers.

You can clearly see the trend in the big content websites - the font sizes are getting bigger - and that's good. Even on mobile. Designers and readers are finally arrived at the point where they understand that using more space might just make the text easier to read and even faster to go through the content even though you have to scroll.

Sizing Up Readability & Legibility « Blog

Print designers who were accustomed to setting type at small sizes—or who still set type at small sizes—should know that when it comes to type on digital displays, bigger is better. Although “big type” on the web has become its own style and even a trend, finding the right type size boils down ...

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