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3 Lessons learned from my latest website redesign

Wordpress theme developers don't think about speed

I base my website on wordpress and a premium theme and I customize it to my liking. Not many theme designers think about page load times, analytics and Seo. Especially the new responsive themes (like the one I used for my website) don't care about image sizes - they load the biggest one, just to make sure that their design looks great all the time. I will share what I had to change in this theme in a separate post.

Embrace related content - everything is related

Everyone wants to have more pageviews - me too. Therefore I used related post plugins on all websites, including mine. But I didn't get the results I was looking for. With the new design I decided that actually all content on my site is related to each other - therefore I present a complete view of my latest blog posts on every page - in fact, my page is now only the single post and related content. Result? I doubled my pageviews/user and my bounce rate dropped 70%.

Update your logo, nobody will notice if it's better

If you don't have the brand recognition of a Coke or GAP, you can update your logo without making a big fuzz about it. I encounter clients that are married to their logo - but every 4-5 years it's good practice to refresh the identity. The redesign doesn't have to be total, but going with the time keeps a brand relevant to new audiences.


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