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GoPro VR Plugin installation with Adobe Premiere CC 2019 Quick Fix

Adobe released their new products 😄 with great improvements and as usual new app installations.

This means also updating or re-installing your plugins … and normally developers are quite good at updating the plugins to find new Premiere and After Effects installations - except if your developer stops supporting their products.

Kolor is now a GoPro company and they announced that they will shut down operation and do not support the software anymore. They posted that the VR plugins will be updated within the Fusion package - but as of today these do not install the the plugins correctly.

I fixed the installer by adding the new installation folders and repackaged it - it worked for me - and you can download it here. No guarantee and support give. The software is copyright of GoPro and I will take down this post as soon as the official installer is updated.

How to show silence


How to show the advantages of a doorstep insulation? How to make the customer understand how much a reduction of -54 dB is?


Easy - take real world noises and reduce them in the Soundeditor by 54 dB. It was realized for the Tecnogramma Audio Podcast and reused with a slideshow on the website. Here the video for your enjoyment.