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Autoawesome is awesome - even if you are a good photographer

Speyer Dom A great dome and a great autoawesome - I'm still amazed about the new features and makes me really think to rework my workflow. Obviously not all of the images look perfect, but many are and especially if you are an amateur photographer you will get even better results.

I've seen that random snapshots are improved, but the photos taken with a bit more care really shine. It seems that Google is looking for rules of thirds etc. to select and improve the photos - so still keep an eye on good composition etc.

About the church. Don't get confused by some reviews on Google and elsewhere - its strength is the size - get lost in the vast space and take a bit of time to adsorb the little details. It might look simple but there are enough ornaments hidden.

BC Place and Science World light show

BC Place and Science World are both attractions that show off at night. Vancouver in general is quite beautiful at night as it has the combination of waterways and a dense skyline. To showcase this I'm experimenting with HDR - it's almost annoying trend nowadays and it makes most pictures look surreal. I try to capture the impression that I have and transport that through this tool. #vancouver   #hdrphotography

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An HDR view of Vancouver from the Lookout

The Vancouver Lookout might not look like it's very tall, but it offers a good overview of downtown Vancouver. On clear days you can see down to the US. I wanted to take some night shots to experiment with HDR and here are the results. Let me know what you think.

#Vancouver #HDR #Photowalk

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Canada Place and North Vancouver

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First HDR Photowalk

Yesterday was a great day for heading down to Kitsilano Beach and False Creek and try out if I can make some nice shots for a HDR experiment. I quite like the result, but I'm new to HDR and some other shots (I didn't upload them) didn't come out as expected.

Comments are welcome and suggestions also :)

#vancouver #photowalk #hdr

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Where does Spaghetti with Meatballs come from - not from Italy

One of my big passions is food and cooking, not surprising as I'm italian. Before living in North America, Spaghetti with Meatballs was something fictional, only seen on TV Shows and in Movies - something that doesn't exist (because you cannot find it in Europe, let alone Italy).I was almost shocked to see "italian" restaurants present Spaghetti with Meatballs as authentic cuisine ... then I discovered this article which explains it all... :) #cooking #italian #american

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Spaghetti with Meatballs | Almost Italian This dish, perhaps more than any other, has defined Italian-American cuisine. In fact, the concept of Spaghetti with Meatballs inspired the first edition of Almost Italian

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My Week on Twitter for 2010-04-11

Recaping my Twitter Posts of the last week

  • Happy easter to everyone and a note: Facebook Fanpage posts last longer than you think. It seems many Users just look at their FB on holiday #
  • SmK (german): Entwicklungsland in Sachen Arbeitssicherheit #
  • What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Freelancing | Design Informer #
  • Burg Hocheppan im Frühling #
  • fn_28032010_blumen_041_web.jpg #
  • fn_07042010_burgenweg_eppan_186_web.jpg #
  • Finally setup my Home office the right way - now working is even more fun :) #

My Week on Twitter for 2010-04-04

Recaping my Twitter Posts of the last week

My Week on Twitter for 2010-03-28

Recaping my Twitter Posts of the last week

My Week on Twitter for 2010-03-21

Recaping my Twitter Posts of the last week

My Week on Twitter for 2010-03-14

Recaping my Twitter Posts of the last week

  • SmK (german): Hundemode … Modehund … #
  • SmK (german): Das Ende einer Industrieruine … die Dritte …! #
  • I repeat myself shape writer for #android rules :) #
  • 3 neue Beiträge gibt es in Blog in der letzten Woche jetzt rein #
  • Another Promotion Code: @Corbis offers 20% discount on #stock images - use code MARCH20 until the end of March #folla #coupon #
  • Todays Coupon is from @GettyImages - 10% off on images and filmes if you use the code 34WPC46N #
  • Easy licensing of Flickr Pictures? Go to GettyImages - at least 50.000 pics are available #stock #design #
  • My comment about finding followers on Twitip #
  • Right from the archives ;-) You want to make your own Wallpaper for the Nexus One (or for the Motorola Droid) follo… #
  • Introducing PlayStation Move - Is Sony too late with this? Let's see pricing... I have a PS3, no more Wii-Needs #
  • RT @espiekermann: Christoph Niemann is a genius: #
  • Color Trends + Palettes :: COLOURlovers - can't believe I missed this one until now #colour #inspiration #
  • You know that the spring has arrived when you have eaten your first asparagus - welcome to the spring :-) #

My Week on Twitter for 2010-03-07

Recaping my Twitter Posts of the last week

  • Migrated all my podcasts from Mediamonkey to Google Listen - nearly perfect #
  • Watch Air Traffic - LIVE! - really cool, but slow #
  • I like Trendwatching: "6 TREND VIDEOS, featuring consumers speaking their minds on various trends." #interviews #
  • Congratulations to @Electrolux AEG - Brand new washing machine installed - turned on - Electronics burned - This is what I call quality :( #
  • I ask myself if Google has selled enough #NexusOne to make the car docks availlable #
  • Hormonella Primaverilis - very dangerous ;-) in springtime #
  • Tonight some classical music will be my pleasure - #
  • As I needed to build a Google Profile with a right vanity url I've made a new account which I use also to test buzz… #
  • Tweeting with shapewriter keyboard for android is cool #
  • The Footprint of Gmail: How Much Energy Would Deleting Email Save? - TreeHugger - Like so many others, this TreeHug… #
  • Good morning - yesterdays concert made me make believe that not all classical music is boring - some sounds like Timbaland unplugged #
  • For all Google-Fans: Watch Google's Matt Cutts LIVE Event Today: 1:00 PM PT / 4:00 PM ET #
  • Amazing creative video from ok Go and the making of #
  • I'm flattered: My trainee just have given me a box of Merci (choccolate) for the training in the last 2 weeks #
  • SmK (german): Club Sandwich … #
  • SmK (german): … oder ein zweites Leben ….!? #
  • SmK (german): Das Ende einer Industrieruine #

My Week on Twitter for 2010-02-28

Recaping my Twitter Posts of the last week

  • German court states: Taking pictures of houses does not infringe the copyright of the owner - german story here #
  • In case you missed it last week: Industrial espionage through crowd sourcing - | Become an Art Director #
  • SmK (german): Spezialistenproblem #
  • Haiti Earthquake: Who’s given what? | Information Is Beautiful (via @meixger) #
  • RT @richbugger 35 most amazing typography in advertisement and design #
  • Dock your raw harddisks - cool way for your large data collections #
  • Good sunday to all tweeps - another day of home improvement is beginning - feels like redesigning your own website #

My Week on Twitter for 2010-02-21

Recaping my Twitter Posts of the last week

  • Go green even with your website - CO2 neutral websites #climate #change #
  • BTW: Good Morning and good start into the week dear tweeps, facebookers and other social media addicts ;-) #
  • About focus groups: "If I’d asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse." - Henry Ford #
  • What I hate? Co-Worker who have found a spiritual way to come along with their problems and now try to "help" you... #
  • The This Week in Android is a #fail people who don't own an android phone talk about android apps - c'mon guys #
  • Stream your photos from your #android phone to your dlna client (#ps3) and tv set - search for twonky mediaserver #
  • Want to stream music from your home server to you #android phone? Search for Andromote in the market #upnp #dlna #
  • Skype launches Full Symbian Client and #android will come soon - Olè #
  • Whatch out - if you embed more than 10 @issuu docs on a page ie7 has probs to load page - example #
  • Whatch "alternative" movies online - The Auteurs - finally ... :) with great Facebook integration #
  • Impressed by @rememberthemilk - great features, clients and services - task list on steroids #
  • RT @TechCrunch Google Goggles Getting OCR Translations #
  • RT @Colorburned: 10+ blogs that have a unique design for each post and WordPress tips on how to implement it: #
  • Italian Customers of corbis (@corbisimages) get a 20% discount in February - use offer code FEBRUARY20 #stock #images #coupon #
  • Just discovered - Typekit real #font come to the flash free web - have to try this #