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Budget Travel Backup Solution for Photographers


I love photography and I'm paranoid about losing my photos. At home I have several backups (offline and online), but when I traveled I had to hope that the SD Cards wouldn't lose any data. That's why I use some inexpensive components and combine them with some software.

The hardware

This is my budget travel backup solution for photographers.

You can get all these for around $200 for 1TB of redundant security, or less if you get a good deal. Which is what other solutions on the market start without any storage.

The FileHub is neat device as it is also a small powerbank - you can strt a short backup session without the need of a plug.

The software

The script is based on another solution, but I had to clean it up a bit and change it for my use. I also added a setup guide and some additional notes on how to use it. It's fairly easy to install and use, so don't be afraid 😉

You can download the photo backup script over at GitHub

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Hello Frankie,
Got the script working with the Filehup Plus WD03 - now it has the auto SD card backup feature without need to start the copy from the app - awesome! Not only it copies the pictures, but also backs up the ACVHD files.
If I want I can even follow the progress of the backup with the Filehub Plus app.
Thanks for sharing the scripts!

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Transcend's StoreJet 25H3P has been a great solution for protecting the data on my drive. What I like the most about it is that it comes encased in a durable, anti-shock silicone outer shell and has a built-in hard drive suspension damper so it can withstand some serious momentary shocks. Thanks for sharing this!

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